Helping you find
the path of abundance.

Embodied Abundance breaks down the complexity of the Human Design system into understandable and immediately applicable concepts allowing you to tap into your energetic super power to create the life of abundance that you know is waiting for you. Learning how to navigate the world through your personal energetic makeup will unleash you into the flow of abundance in all categories of your life.

Meet Your Guide

Your guide, Rachel Benton, has experienced life changing transformation from the wisdom she has gained through her journey with Human Design. She is passionate about helping others uncover, understand, and embody their own unique energetic makeup to heal guilt and shame of their past, and unlock a world of possibility for their future. Spending years as a college professor, she holds the gift of helping her students digest complex topics into digestible information so her learners can immediately apply what they are studying.

A whole new approach to your personal development

Are you tired? Do you feel like you have done everything on the checklist, but still feel miles away from success? Are you questioning if tapping into your life purpose is even possible? Maybe you have tapped into society's version of success. Maybe you have the title or the wealth, but you still feel energetically drained and lack joy and fulfillment leaving you questioning if this is all there is. Did you know that abundance is the creative energy from the universe? Learning your personal Human Design will provide your logical brain with understanding of how to sink into a right brain creative dominance. In this space you will become focused on how your body is processing the energy around you allowing it to guide you with ease. This practice will tame the left logical side of your mind so it can be more of a background guide and not the part of your mind running the show. This shift in awareness and the understanding of your energetic makeup will allow you to fully tap in and access your life force energy creating the abundance you've been searching for!

Group Classes or Online Courses Combined With In-Person Coaching

Start your foundation of understanding Human Design with the Human Design Group Orientation in person or with the Online Human Design Orentation. The Human Design Orientation will provide you with the foundational understanding of the complexities within the Human Design system. Once you have the basic concept of Human Design, you can advance to your in person coaching with Rachel. This personalized session will deep dive the specifics of your chart allowing you to gain prospective on where you fit into the collective, why you are experienced the way you are, and why you experience others the way you do. Your session will be filled with tons of aha moments, an exhale when you gain the language that finally allows you to understand the parts of you that you’ve kept hidden or in shame, and the start of radical self-love and acceptance!